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Brick, l'agence immobilière

Henry Opsomer - Directeur communication

2 hours per day could represent the time we spend on the phone each day answering calls or the time we devote to your requests but that too is more In fact it is the daily time that we have spent time with the Innovative Solutions teams since the release of our new web application and our mobile application in order to report the various remaining bugs via their hypercare service. Not only are they super competent but they are also super responsive and that , That makes all the difference. So frankly, if you have a mobile or web application project, we can only advise you to go see them.


Alexis Van Long - Marketing Director

Monitoring throughout the creation of my application. But also the involvement of the entire team in order to make this project perfectly tailored to the needs of our company.


Simon Kuster - Project manager

Innovative Solutions carried out the entire development of our mobile application. They were able to suggest excellent improvements in terms of graphics and even give us strategic advice regarding the operation of the application. They will soon produce the next version. To be completely honest, we had some communication problems during development but they reacted quickly and set up a system allowing the client to follow the progress of their project live. Action -> Reaction! This team really listens to the needs of their customers!


Bujar Krasniqi - Director of production

Innovative Solutions digitized my entire production line and business management. In addition to this, I contracted them for an e-shop, with the aim of communicating information from my production/stock to the e-shop. Working with Innovative Solutions was a pure pleasure and I recommend this company.

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Reno energy - Inno Partnership