AGC4U - Web & Mobile App


    • Customer Account Creation: Users can create their personalized customer accounts to access the application's features.
    • Profile Management: Allows clients to manage their profiles and personal information.
    • Access to Brands and Products: Provides access to various brands and products available at AGC Glass France.
    • Color Comparison: Enables users to view and compare different colors offered by AGC Glass France.
    • Stock Availability: Clients can check real-time stock availability.
    • Quote Request: Facilitates the creation and submission of online quote requests for clients.
    • Quote Status: Allows tracking the status of submitted quote requests for clients.


    • Migration of AGC Glass Europe Data for AGC Glass France: We successfully integrated all data from AGC Glass Europe, including brands, colors, warehouses, products, etc., seamlessly for AGC Glass France.
    • Integration of Complex Algorithms: We implemented advanced algorithms to generate products based on glass dimensions, providing optimal customization for clients.

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