• User Creation and Management: Simplify team management by creating and managing customized user profiles.
    • Role and Access Management: Precisely control application access by defining specific roles and permissions.
    • Personalized Agendas: Facilitate activity planning by creating and managing agendas tailored to each user type, whether they are salespeople, installers, electricians, or part of the financial department.
    • Creation and Management of Quotes - Purchase Orders with Electronic Signatures: Streamline the process of creating, sending, and electronically signing quotes and purchase orders.
    • Creation and Management of Invoices: Automate invoice creation and management for precise financial transaction tracking.
    • Project Management: Efficiently organize and track all ongoing projects, from planning to completion.
    • Project Completion Reports: Simplify project closure with digital creation and management of project completion reports, enabling real-time project tracking and constant traceability.
    • Creation and Management of Stock Entries: Maintain complete control over inventory with the ability to track entries in detail.
    • Creation and Management of Warehouses: Organize inventory based on physical locations.


    • Data Migration from the Previous Platform: We successfully and efficiently transferred all essential data from the previous platform to the new application, ensuring a smooth transition.
    • Synchronization with Other Platforms: Such as KBC Bank and Exact Online: We implemented seamless synchronization with other tools, such as KBC Bank and Exact Online, to ensure operational continuity.
    • Adherence to Deadlines: Despite the challenges, we adhered to the agreed-upon timelines for application deployment.

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