• User Creation and Management: Simplifying user and team management.
    • Supplier Creation and Management: Streamlining relationships with suppliers.
    • Creation and Management of Product Categories and Subcategories: Organizing inventory logically.
    • Creation and Management of Orders with Suppliers: Facilitating the supplier ordering process.
    • Automation of Customs/Excise Fee Calculations: Simplifying calculations related to customs and excise costs.
    • Creation and Management of Recipes for Meat Varieties: Precise documentation of recipes produced during meat processing.
    • Production/Processing Control Process: Effective tracking and control of production and processing.
    • Inventory Management: Precise tracking of stock entries and exits, as well as the actual stock value.
    • Creation and Management of Offer-Purchase Orders: Simplifying commercial transactions.
    • Management of Online Orders: Efficient processing of orders placed online by customers.
    • Billing Management: Automation of the billing process.


    • Synchronization with Horus: We ensured effective synchronization with Horus for transparent management.
    • Synchronization with Belfius Bank: Successful integration with Belfius Bank for smooth banking transactions.
    • Data Migration: We smoothly migrated all data.
    • Implementation of Various APIs such as VIES: Integration of multiple APIs was carried out to enhance functionality.

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