• User Management: Easy profile creation and management, access exclusive features, and enjoy a personalized experience.
    • Listing Management: Add, edit, and manage products with detailed descriptions and attractive images.
    • Shipping Labels Management: Streamline shipping with integrated labels, providing real-time tracking for every shipment.
    • Product Management: Efficiently organize inventory, showcase products professionally, and monitor stock levels
    • Purchases and Orders: A vast catalog of consumer-created products, enabling secure purchases and order tracking in one place.
    • Invoicing: Transparent transaction management through an intuitive and precise billing system.
    • Reports and Statistics: Access real-time analytical data, offering valuable insights to optimize your business.


    • Shippo Integration: Overcame the complex challenge of integrating Shippo for smooth shipments and timely deliveries.
    • Data Migration: Successfully executed seamless data migration, ensuring a smooth transition to Fishagora.

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