• Customer Account Creation: Allows customers to create their personalized accounts.
    • Profile Management: Customers can manage their personal information.
    • In-Store Appointment Scheduling: Offers the possibility to schedule an appointment for an in-store article or service.
    • Online Product Purchase with Home Delivery: Facilitates online product purchase with a home delivery option.
    • Online Product Purchase with In-Store Pickup: Allows customers to buy products online with in-store pickup at their chosen Morel store.
    • Access to Various Content Pages: Provides access to diverse content, such as blogs, information about services and stores, etc.
    • User Account Creation: Enables the creation of user accounts.
    • Roles and Access Management: Streamlines roles and user authorization.
    • Customer and Contact Management: Simplifies customer and contact management.
    • Categories and Subcategories Creation and Management: Efficiently organizes products.
    • Brands Creation and Management: Manages available brands.
    • Products Creation and Management: Facilitates systematic product management.
    • Articles Creation and Management: Simplifies article management
    • Diopters Creation and Management: Handles diopter prescriptions.
    • Offers and Purchase Orders Creation and Management: Simplifies transaction creation and management
    • Delivery Notes Creation and Management: Optimizes delivery tracking
    • Online Order Management: Efficiently manages online orders.
    • Invoicing Creation and Management: Automates invoicing.
    • Suppliers Creation and Management: Facilitates supplier management
    • Purchases with Entry Control Creation and Management: Provides precise control of purchases and entries.
    • Stocks Creation and Management: Offers precise stock level tracking.
    • Commercial Offers Creation and Management: Manages promotions and special offers.
    • Chat System: Enables real-time communication.
    • Email Marketing Management: Facilitates email marketing campaigns.
    • Reports and Statistics: Provides data for informed decision-making.


    • Integration of All Data for Each Morel Store Using Various Software.
    • Integration of Zeiss API.
    • Integration of Essilor API (Opsyweb).
    • Integration of Bpost.
    • Integration of Eid (Electronic Identification).
    • Integration of the INAMI Algorithm (National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance).
    • Synchronization with a Scanner.
    • Synchronization with a Point of Sale Terminal.

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