• Client and Contact Management: Detailed recording of clients and their contacts for effective communication.
    • Project Management: Comprehensive project data recording, real-time status updates, and activity documentation.
    • Feasibility Study Management: Thorough evaluation of projects before initiation, ensuring viability and profitability.
    • User Management: Precise control over access permissions, ensuring data and feature security.
    • Document Archiving: Secure and easily accessible storage of documents exchanged during daily activities.
    • Improved Operational Efficiency: Automation of project management processes, reducing time and effort required.
    • Enhanced Collaboration: Centralized archiving of documents, fostering transparent collaboration among teams.
    • Access Control: Precise user management, ensuring secure and appropriate access to various application features.
    • Seamless ERP Integration: Smooth integration with Infomat ERP software for perfect alignment between the web application and internal systems


    • Synchronization with Infomat ERP: Successfully met challenge, ensuring precise data synchronization between the web application and Infomat software.
    • Data Migration: Accurate migration of existing data to the new application, ensuring data integrity and continuity.

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