With the advent of digital technology and the rise of mobile browsing, entrepreneurs are wondering about the need to develop a mobile application to improve the company’s reputation.


An application can represent a real added value for the company’s activity. It completes the mobile site and has many advantages.

A mobile application or a mobile website?


The mobile application is software that is installed on the smartphone. Users have direct access to your services or products, unlike the mobile version of the website where they must access it from the browser. After installing the application, potential customers or prospects will be able to make purchases, register items, order a service or prepare for future purchases. Accessing it directly from the smartphone menu makes it easier to access the products and services offered and therefore increases the chances of lead conversion.


The mobile application becomes essential

Several studies have shown considerable growth in the use of mobile Internet among individuals.

Several studies have shown considerable growth in the use of mobile Internet among individuals.

The implementation of a mobile application project certainly requires costs but it is a considerable added value whose return on investment is largely lucrative.

In order to follow the evolution of the uses and to ensure an excellent customer relationship, the development of a mobile application becomes today a necessity.


The advantages of a mobile application

First of all, the mobile application allows a qualitative user experience and gives you an overview of the number of people who make the first step of engagement towards your company. By downloading your app, these people give you the opportunity to communicate directly with them by sending them notifications. Knowing that notifications have an average click-through rate of 40% for the best messages, unlike emails which have an open rate of 1 to 4%.

They also allow direct access to your products and services. This ease of access increases your lead generation potential.

The Apple Store for IOS applications or Google Play for Android applications, for example, increases the visibility of your brand to users of these platforms. Not to mention the Google search engine which also references mobile applications.

Since we are still in a transition period and mobile applications represent an innovative advantage and not a standard, your choice to invest in this software will reflect an innovative image of the company. You demonstrate that you are adapting to the behaviors and habits of your customers.

Apps also make it easier to get information about users, allowing you to personalize the customer experience and adapt your external communication.

Where to start?

To start, you need to identify your customers’ needs and match them with the products and services you offer. The application must bring an added value in the daily life of the Internet user, the lead, the customer and answer a need. It must complement the website by adding value to it. This is why it is essential to think about an application that will facilitate and personalize access to your products or services.


Then, it will be necessary to define several important points in order to launch out in the pure programming of the application or to ask for an estimate near a company of programming like Innovative Solutions.

  • The general context of the application, the problem whose solution is the creation of the mobile application.

The qualitative and quantitative objectives of the mobile application. Do we want to acquire new customers? Retain existing customers? Increase the turnover?

  • Your target audience is the one for whom the application is intended. You need to define the profile of the people you want to use the application in

order to adapt your communication to them.

  • The UX/UI design of the application. It is possible that you are out of ideas. At Innovative Solutions, we advise you on the design of your application

according to the image of your company, your target, and the objective of the mobile application.

  • The maximum budget allocated to the development of the application must be foreseen in order to verify the feasibility of the project or at least

define an objective to be reached within a predefined timeframe. At Innovative Solutions, you have the possibility to make a simulation of estimate

in order to have an idea of the budget to foresee for the application you need. We are also at your disposal through direct and personalized contact.

  • Depending on the objective of the application, you will be able to define the economic model of the application. Do you want a free or paid

application? A feemium application? Integrated purchases? Advertising space?

  • You will also have to think about a communication plan to promote the application on different channels.

To conclude, creating a mobile application is nowadays almost inevitable. Especially for companies that are trying to target the new generation. The percentage of mobile users is increasing year after year and the use of mobile applications is exploding.

The development of an application becomes a real strategic issue for the growth of the company’s performance.

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