On the occasion of the creation of the Feedz application, we interviewed its leader, Jimmy Riguelle, who told us about his project and his collaboration with Innovative Solutions. 

 What is Feedz ?

Feedz is the meeting of two terms: feed, which is the flow of information we see on a smartphone, and ads, which represents advertisements. It is therefore an advertising feed that monetizes the users who watch these advertising contents.

With Innovative Solutions, we made a web application and a mobile one.

How did you get the idea for this application ?

I had already made a test application where I made the connection between stores in order to allow easier integration of new e-trades in the market containing already established structures. That was my first idea but it was not very successful.

Then I came across an application called Polyform that monetizes users who view posts made by influencers and that gave me the idea for Feedz.

How did the choice of Innovative Solutions come about and why did you decide to collaborate with this company?

I have a background as a developer and despite that, I felt pretty helpless when I was faced with the need to find a development company that would have the skills to do this project. I did a Google search and came across the Sortlist platform which offered different development companies. After registering on the platform with my project and my expectations for its realization, I had 5 proposals from companies to which I sent tenders. Innovative Solutions answered us the next day, they were the first. What impressed me most and reassured me in my choice was the positive attitude of the two founders, Rinor and Laura. They understood very quickly what I wanted to do and always checked before saying if something was feasible or not. There was a lot of research work to do in order to do the best job possible. That’s why I chose this company.

How did the collaboration go?

Very quickly Laura was assigned as my project manager and it goes very well because sometimes I discuss a theme without any ulterior motive and she manages to turn it into feasible ideas. And that’s great because it means I’m not alone in my project and I feel supported, helped and advised. Even though it’s not her project, she guides me a lot and understands directly what I want to say. And that is something I find rare.

Now that the project has been completed. Are you satisfied with the application ?

I am very, very satisfied. It looks even better than I thought it would.

Obviously when you launch a new project, you have to make it known to the public and therefore the success is not immediate. Especially since there are already well-established companies with great teams. So I would say that everything is going well for the moment, the feedback from users is very positive but it’s only the beginning.

If another opportunity arose, would you still choose Innovative Solutions ?

Personally, I’m already in a frame of mind where I know I’m going to work with Innovative Solutions long term for all the benefits I’ve mentioned. They have the skills and I don’t think I can find that type of support anywhere else.

What would you say to people who have not yet worked with Innovative Solutions?

Honestly it’s not in my advantage that they are even more known and therefore more overwhelmed with other projects than mine. But honestly, I recommend them. They are a Belgian start-up that has understood some important concepts from a development point of view and I will do everything in my power to make sure they get the success they deserve.

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