With the advent of digital tools and the growth of the use of applications, the fact of having a mobile or web application is now more and more considerable.

To start on the right footing, to give your business the chance to succeed in a competitive and very digital world, you need to adapt to the implicit norms.

For the development of the application, it is essential to work with professionals who fully understand your needs. A relationship of trust must be established between you and the provider. This is why at Innovative Solutions, we work with the Agile method. A practice that allows us to validate the product at each stage of its development to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Now that it is ready to be launched, you need some advice to ensure access to your mobile application and increase its visibility.

Indeed, the competition is increasing between the applications available on the different Stores. The domains involved are more and more numerous and it is more and more difficult to stand out.

Here are some practices to put in place to increase the number of downloads of your application

1. Take care of the application’s icon

The icon of your application will often make a difference on the stores because it will often appear next to other similar applications. The image will influence the choice of the Internet user because very often, he will not go very far to compare the different characteristics. So choose an icon that stands out but at the same time accurately represents the application.

The high resolution of the icon is also important to follow the continuous technological evolution of smartphones and allow them to adapt to any support.

2. Communicate on the development of the application and its launch

During the development of the app, you can already secure an audience by communicating about the development process. Set the stage, and show the challenges you’re going through to make this project happen.

Obviously, at the end of the development, you will have to communicate about its launch by publishing on social networks, launching promotion campaigns on social networks, on search engines, sending newsletters, writing explanatory articles on blogs, etc. There are several tools to promote your application. You just have to choose the most profitable ones according to your target and try to combine several of them.

3. Describe the application and its benefits for the user

Describe the application in a brief but powerful way. The user should directly benefit from downloading the application. Therefore, it is best to avoid technical jargon and focus on an intelligible description.

4. Optimize the natural referencing of the download page

Just like optimizing the SEO of your website, you should also optimize the SEO of your application’s download page. This is called ASO, or App Store Optimization. This obviously requires a study of the important keywords that you will use in the application’s description. It is imperative to put yourself in the shoes of Internet users and assume the terms they are looking for.

5. Use illustrations to present the application

On the application catalog, very often to access the written information, you have to click or scroll. Very few users do this. That’s why it is necessary to present the application with different images or videos demonstrating the different functions.

As you can see, good communication will certainly help you succeed in your launch and also create some e-reputation. By sharing a clear description of your application, adding an effective presentation, and testing it with your audience, you will gain notoriety on the networks. You will then be able to maintain and exploit this notoriety, to communicate about possible changes to the application or the launch of a new one!

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