The limitation of physical contact following the health crisis has led to a growing need for digitalization in companies. But how do you go about it?

With the increase of dematerialization such as the use of electronic signature and teleworking, companies had to adapt. Online discussion tools have therefore been integrated into the daily life of companies to enable cost-effective operation and collaboration.

This culture of openness and adaptability in companies is more necessary than ever to successfully complete the digital transformation project of the company.

Furthermore, it is important to understand the issues and have a strategic vision of digital in one’s own sector. It is necessary to understand the benefits of digitalization and to be able to train oneself and one’s employees.

Some examples of the benefits of digitization

Digitization allows to be more efficient and to attract and convert new prospects for permanent growth. It also allows the improvement of the offer thanks to the possibility of a better listening of the uses and the expectations of the customers. The customer experience is improved, we witness better customer loyalty. To achieve this, it is necessary to consider new professions and digital skills in companies.

Finally, digital transformation allows the integration of a set of digital technologies in all daily processes. These processes affect both internal (such as operations, human resources, finance) and external (such as sales, communication, marketing, etc.).

How to digitalize internally?

For internal digitalization, the support services must be innovative. The creation by development companies like Innovative Solutions or the use of some existing software will be necessary.

– Enterprise resource planning (ERP)

– Customer relationship management tool (CRM)

– Human resources management information system (HRIS)

– Project management tool

– Payroll dematerialization tool

– A data visualization tool

– Accounting and financial tools integration software and more.

For the digitalization of external domains

– For good external digital communication, it is important to surround yourself with competent experts (an employee or an external communication agency).

– Social networks and Google should not be neglected for continuous communication.

– It is advisable to launch sponsored campaigns on Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram… depending on your target audience.

– Stay visible and accessible online. Take care of the company’s e-reputation. Encourage users to give feedback on your pages.

Digitalization, an indispensable solution

As you may have guessed, the digital transition is nowadays essential. Numerous developments can testify to this: whether it is telecommuting, the evolution of payment methods, online courses, supply chain software, tenant management in real estate, the digitization of insurance contracts, artificial intelligence, etc. Digital activities are in hypergrowth and require rapid adaptation on the part of companies.

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